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Protect and Heal the Skin You’re In.

At we strive to continue the time tested heritage of melding science with nature – using only natural and/or organic non-GMO ingredients for healthy skin and nail products. It just makes good sense.


A. PsoriaZyme™

Finally! An Effective, Safe Topical for The “Heartbreak” of Psoriasis and The Even More Debilitating Condition – Psoriatic Arthritis.

Learn about Dr. Dixon’s ground breaking anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, anti-scaling formulation with pain reducing properties – designed to attack Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis at the cellular level.
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B. Fungus 911™

Gets Rid of Nail Fungus & Helps Keep Nails Healthy and Vibrant.

An excellent addition to daily nail care even if you don’t have nail fungus.
A must for all Diabetics – a vital part of healthy foot care and maintenance.
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C. DermArmor™

The Ultimate Topical Anti-chaffing / Friction Reducing / Moisture Barrier Ointment for Diabetic Feet, Dry/Cracking skin, Skin Folds/Creases, Amputee Stumps and wherever skin is or will be potentially rubbing or chaffing.
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Please Order DermaWound Original & VS By Phone During Our Transition Period. All other items may be ordered online. Thank You!