Non-adherent Pads

Wound dressings for active lifestyles

If you have wounds or ulcers (venous stasis or otherwise) on your legs or feet, our non-adherent pads are ideal for protecting/covering wounds during any time of activity (e.g. work or household chores). This pad is used to avoid unnecessary agitation to the wound while active or working.

These pads should NOT be used as a substitute for the regular gauze pad/sponge that is recommended to be used with DermaWound during standard dressing changes.

NOTE: If the wound/ulcer is on the bottom or side of the toe, foot, ankle or leg and is weight bearing during the day (as are ALL Venous Stasis Ulcers), DermaWound should be applied only at night when “down” for the evening (covered with a Regular Gauze Pad/Sponge) and removed in the morning to avoid unnecessary agitation while active or working. The wound site should then be covered during the day or while active, with a Bacitracin, Polysporin, Vaseline or Triple Antibiotic type of product (avoid Neosporin or Silvadene) and a Non-Stick Gauze Pad/Sponge to maintain a moist environment until the DermaWound is reapplied at night or when not active.  Believe it or not, after following this algorithm for over 22 years, we know from experience that if you are active and your wound is on the bottom or side of the toe, foot, ankle or leg – you will heal faster if you only use it at night rather than trying to use it 24/7!

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