Infection Control Disposables

Life & Limb Saving Infection Control Disposables
(Health Care Professionals)

After many years of seeing infection rates soar and patients suffering needlessly from simple procedures, David Dixon, MD – inventor of DermaWound®, stepped out of his field of expertise (Wound Care) to research and study various front line Infection Control and Skin Protection concerns he felt were too often overlooked.

Dr. Dixon’s continued contributions to advancing common sense healthcare has to date resulted in two (2) new patented lines of life saving, cost reducing, infection control and skin protection products:

A. The StethoSleeve® – a disposable Stethoscope Barrier/Cover Sleeve;
B. The I.V. Safety Cuff® – a disposable “floating” I.V. Anchoring Forearm Protection Platform.


A. StethoSleeve

Prevent unwanted microbial, bacterial, viral and fungal spread of disease between a health care professional and patient via a contaminated stethoscope (acoustic bell and tubing).

StethoSleeve – Click Here to Learn More 

B. I.V. Safety Cuff

I.V. Line Anchoring Forearm Protection Platform – Providing Forearm Protection from Skin Tears, Infections, Tape Allergies & Unwanted Hair Removal.
I.V. Safety Cuff – Click Here to Learn More

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