Gauze & Tape

Quality Dressing Supplies for All Your Wound Care Needs.

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PLEASE READ: When you use DermaWound – you do not need a lot of conventional supplemental products. Clean Water and/or Normal Saline are only recommended during dressing changes, which has the added benefit of saving more money.

There is NEVER a need for enzymatic wound debriders (e.g. Santyl), hydrogen peroxide or any other additional wound cleansers (ex. Dermal Wound Wash is NOT made by us and should NEVER be used).

Some of our gauze and tapes are name brands and some are not. We simply chose the most efficient product for the job. Why spend twice as much for something that is disposable and will be thrown in the trash after 8, 12 or 24 hours?

NOTE: Most of our Gauze, Wraps and Pads come in sterile “Bulk” packaging sealed at the Manufacturers factory (ex. 3M), to reduce costs for our clients. However, some of our products like the Kendall Telfa Dressings or the ABD Pads, come in sterile and individually wrapped packaging.

Individually sterile wrapped packaging makes things much more expensive and is generally not necessary when an individual is not in a hospital setting and does not have to share the same box with 10 other people.

We do not recommend using Bulk Packaging in an Institutional setting, unless it stays at the patients bedside and hand washing protocol is strictly enforced.

99.9% of the time Wound Care at home is not a sterile procedure, so why should anyone at home be forced to spend money for sterile and individually wrapped supplies they simply don’t need?

Please Order DermaWound Original & VS By Phone During Our Transition Period. All other items may be ordered online. Thank You!