Fungus 911

Do You Want Healthy & Vibrant Nails?

Got Fungus? Thick Deformed Nails? Weak Brittle Nails?

This is the easiest, most effective and cost efficient solution there is.
Solve your unsightly nail problems without dangerous prescription meds that may do much more harm than good.

A must for all Diabetics. Hydrates and strengthens the nail bed and cuticle.
Promotes growth of healthy, beautiful nails. Helps to fix and prevent hangnails.
Decreases the overall low-grade load of fungal infection your body has to fight.

Dr. Dixon asks: What would YOU rather do to help cure your nail fungus?
A. Get your nails removed surgically (ouch!);
B. Take a potentially dangerous anti-fungal prescription pill (which may or may not work for six (6) to nine (9) months) + have mandatory blood draws to monitor liver functions + have you or your insurance spend approx. $224.99/month on prescription systemic antibiotics (pills); OR
C. Apply Fungus911 (brushed on) twice daily – knowing the daily applications can bring noticeable improvement in three weeks, and dramatic results in three months for fingers, four months for toes.

We chose C!!! We picked Fungus911 – as our 1st and only choice of treatment that is both inexpensive and effective for this common and over treated condition.

Don’t believe the hype of other products that say they can cure nail fungus in two weeks! It is physically impossible. A nail has to completely regrow with healthy cells before you can say you are cured.

Bottom Line – We strongly feel Fungus911 is the best and safest way to approach this embarrassing and unhealthy problem based upon the quality of our Essential Oils and our unique Gem Elixers.

This proprietary ingredient profile is a force of nature that has shown proven results over the years on even the most stubborn and hopeless cases.

If Fungus (brittle, thick or thin yellow/brown nails) is not a problem, but weak non-growing nails are, Fungus911 is an all natural formula with essential oils and gem elixirs that supersedes all competition and is the ultimate nail grower & strengthener.

Other benefits of Fungus911 also include: hydrating and strengthening the nail bed and cuticle; promoting growth of healthy, strong nails and helping to fix and prevent hangnails.

After you get your healthy nails back (4-6) months when new ones have grown out, you can then enjoy all the colors has to offer. The results will be worth the wait…

Our Fungus911 formulation uses Organic Australian Tea Tree oil as its main active ingredient to kill the fungus. Tea Tree oil is a very versatile product of nature and has the special distinction of being a germicide, fungicide and antiseptic all in one. The oil comes from farm raised Tea Trees to insure consistent quality.

Because Tea Tree oil has a tendency to dry things out and should never be used alone; Organic Black Currant, Lemon and Jojoba Oils are added for your nails protection as it heals. We then add two gem elixirs, Petrified Wood and Onyx, to perfectly balance the vibration of the oils to obtain a unique Nail Wellness product unequaled for its strength, health and vitality.


A proprietary blend of Organic Essential Oils and Gem Elixirs.
Essential Oils:
Black Currant Oil – Contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an essential fatty acid of particular benefit to the nail and cuticle.
Lemon Oil – Improves circulation to the nail and encourages the ex-foliation of dead skin.
Strengthens dry brittle nails.
Bleaches nail bed.
Jojoba Oil – Insures deep penetration of all of the above. Highly nourishing and moisturizing.
Tea Tree Oil – Anti-fungal and bacterial.

Gem Elixirs:
Petrified Wood – It’s signature being hardened wood, gives extra strength to the nail.
Onyx – Derived from the Greek word onychos, denoting a “fingernail or claw”.
Stimulates new growth.

Suggested Use: Apply formula to the infected nail(s) twice daily (nail polish type brush included), until it grows out with no signs of infection.
Preferably one of those applications should be after a shower or bath.
Dry feet and toes and apply Fungus911 to the top and underneath of the affected nail(s).
It’s that simple! Remedy works best while you are sleeping allowing for the deepest healing. Massage into cuticles whenever needed.

Fungus911 has 100% natural ingredients, no animal products or by-products, no Aluminum Chlorhydrates, no mineral oils or petrolatum, and no artificial colors!

Daily applications can bring noticeable improvement in three weeks, and dramatic results in three months for fingers, four months for toes. Two bottles on average are needed for total resolution with beautiful nails and may take up to 4-6 months or however long it takes you to regrow an uninfected nail. Each bottle will last around 6-8 weeks depending on how many nails are infected.

“Get ready to hit the beach!”

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