Disposable Stethoscope Cover – StethoSleeve

Disposable Stethoscope Cover / Sleeve / Barrier

Prevent unwanted microbial, bacterial, viral and fungal spread of disease between a health care professional and patient – via a contaminated stethoscope acoustic bell and/or tubing.

NOTE: This is not just a simple plastic bag; believe it or not, it’s engineering was quite difficult to implement and required the build of an expensive one-of-a-kind fabricating machine for commercial production.

WHAT MAKES THIS SO SPECIAL? The StethoSleeve® has strategic mini-welds at key points to hold the acoustic bell and tube in place. It also has an easy separating perforated edge at the top of the sleeve on one side; with a stop weld to prevent over-splitting down the seam when pulled apart. Without this fenestrated edge to easily tear down to the perfect length, you can not open a cover/tube of this size to insert a stethoscope quickly without great coordination and difficulty because of the length and tight parameters.

Also, wings are created by the separated sides making a larger opening target for the acoustic bell. Without creating this larger opening, the user must blow (nullifying it being contaminate free!) into the top of the cover to “pop” the tube open prior to insertion. In addition, the top sides of the sleeve/cover can now be grasped firmly for better two handed control during application. After use it may be removed quickly with one hand and discarded. Please Watch The Video Below:

StethoSleeve Use & Application Video – David Dixon, MD

Problem: Non-disposable and “disposable” stethoscopes are often used on a continuous and/or semi-continuous basis by healthcare practitioners who examine multiple patients during the course of a normal shift. As currently practiced and observed, few clinicians take the time to properly disinfect their stethoscopes between patients, facilitating the spread of disease between the doctor/hospital and patient (aka – nosocomial or iatrogenic acquired infections).

Solution: The Stethosleeve. Designed and patented by Progressive Doctor’s founder David Dixon, MD., it is a practical, low cost, non-bulky, lightweight field tested answer to a hugely ignored, under-investigated and very costly problem.

The stethoscope sleeve/cover presented here provides a very cost effective solution to help prevent the spread of disease by providing a single-use-only barrier that is disposed of after each individual patient contact by the examiner.

  • COMPLETELY covers the Acoustic Bell & Diaphragm.
  • COMPLETELY covers the entire Tube length.
  • Dispenses from an attractive custom box – one sleeve at a time.
  • Use 2 hands to apply; 1 hand for quick removal/disposal.
  • Pinch/Waist points hold the StethoSleeve in place.
  • Latex-free, Hypo-allergenic.
  • Super lightweight, strong material.
  • Disposable recyclable plastic (PP/Polypropylene).
  • Water, spill & bodily fluid proof.
  • Very flexible.
  • Acoustically crystal clear.
  • Portable – lightweight dispensing box fits easily in a lab coat or jacket pocket; or may be attached to a wall or cart using the Velcro tabs provided.
  • Fits ALL makes and models of Stethoscopes.


The StethoSleeve should be considered Standard of Care and used on every patient, every time a Stethoscope comes into contact with a different patient. The inexpensive, disposable Sleeve should be replaced at the end of every client contact.

The StethoSleeve is very easy to use and its benefits are priceless.
Don’t waste money on “disposable” Stethoscopes again.

Unfortunate Infection Control Failures:

1. Clinic, Hospital, Nursing Home, Emergency Room, Labor, Delivery and Nursery Stethoscopes are often contaminated with blood and tissue.

2. 85% of all stethoscopes are contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria, viruses or fungus. (Theses numbers alone lead one to speculate the numbers are actually greater than what’s reported.)

3.  One (1) in Three (3) Emergency Medical Services Provider (EMS) Stethoscopes are Positive for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus (MRSA) – a highly contagious and virulent bacteria.

4.   Nosocomial and/or Iatrogenic sourced infections increase overall chances of creating Antibiotic Resistant Organisms.

5.   Nosocomial and/or Iatrogenic sourced infections increase overall morbidity and mortality across all patient populations.


Made from PP (Polypropylene); a Hypo Allergenic, 100% Recyclable
Water Proof Plastic.

PP Plastics may be engineered to have a limited life (as a single-use disposable) or they may be a very durable. PP provides specific functions such as liquid repellency, resilience, stretch, softness, strength, flame retardancy, cushioning, filtering, bacterial barrier, protection and sterility.

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