Venous Stasis Relief Spray


If you have a “normal” Venous Stasis Ulcer of short duration that is not over 2 inches in diameter and does not show signs of a Venous Stasis “Rash”, etc.; you can skip this pre-treatment step and go straight to the DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care Formula. – click here.

For the first time ever a product has been developed to address the “Pre-venous Stasis Rash” (swollen, discolored / red legs with or without blistering, weeping, pain); that is seen on so many overweight individuals before they develop full blown Venous Stasis Ulceration’s.

DermaWound Venous Stasis Relief Spray™ (VSRS) is a U.S. and International Patented and Patent Pending breakthrough ,first of its kind, OTC Natural Topical Liquid that reduces: 1) Lower Leg Erythema (Discoloration/Redness), 2) Edema (significant fluid accumulation or swelling), 3) Inflammation (infectious or traumatic) & 4) Pain with or w/o 5) Weeping, Ulcerated Skin or Open Wound(s) (aka Dixon Syndrome – named after Dr. David Dixon, MD who was the first describe this Pentad of symptoms and develop a strategy for treatment) – associated with Venous Stasis Leg Ulcers and the Pre-Venous Stasis Leg Ulcer “Rash” that is often seen in overweight/obese individuals.

Currently, until now, the ONLY 2 utilized and implemented treatments by “top” wound care providers for the above described conditions are: 1) An Unna Boot – which is not much of solution and a potentially very uncomfortable one which may actually exacerbate tissue breakdown; or 2) NOTHING.

Our VSRS formula has proven itself in the field for the past 5 years and the results are nothing short of miraculous. What this product does for its users is worth its weight in GOLD – literally. Venous Stasis Relief Spray is a very, VERY good price/value for a condition that up until now was virtually untreatable!

Warning: If you have an obese/swollen red leg that looks like the skin around the wound is getting ready to break down and expand; and you go straight to the DermaWound Venous Stasis wound care product first – you run the risk of excessively debriding the affected leg beyond the blisters or wound itself; as it is already predisposed to breakdown and expansion. Using the VSRS BEFORE introducing the DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care Formula will calm down the area around the existing wound and make it less likely to breakdown non-ulcerated wound areas beyond their existing borders. This is a tremendous breakthrough!

If there is a Venous Stasis Type Ulcer already present and your legs are discolored, swollen and weeping, please use the VSRS first, twice a day (BID) for 7-21 days before you start applying the DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care product. This “pre-treatment” of the ulcerated leg is necessary to “calm down” and reduce the swelling in the leg before applying the wound care product.

After the affected leg has noticeably calmed down (7-21 days) and is noticeably less discolored/red and less swollen, use your best judgment as to when to start applying the DermaWound VS Formula wound care product.

The VSRS may come into contact with the wound. Some clients spray the product over the entire leg, foot and toes (which is recommended); including the wound, and report less pain in the area within 10 minutes. Others say they notice less pain with subsequent applications. Another way of saying it: The initial application may be a bit uncomfortable and sensitive; however, with subsequent applications the pain will noticeably start to abate.

Patented Ingredients: Proprietary Formulation

Directions: Use Only As Directed (shake well before use).
1. Gently clean affected lower leg and foot area with damp, soap-free wash cloth.
2. If ulceration is present, do NOT actively clean out the wound bed – ever.
3. Let dry 5 minutes.
4. Apply VSRS to (lotion free) lower leg (entire), foot and toes twice daily or as directed by a physician.
(Over saturating the skin is not necessary or recommended.)
5. If unlcerations(s) or open wound(s) are present, VSRS is intended to be used in conjunction with DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care Formulation. If incidental contact is made with the spray on the wound that is ok.
6. Apply VSRS twice a day (BID) to her entire lower leg, ankle, foot and toes:
A. You may spray it directly on the targeted areas OR
B. spray 5-6 sprays in the palm of your hand and slather over targeted area. (You may have to do this is few times to cover the entire lower limb.)
C. Be careful of over-spray on furniture or wood surfaces. Place a towel down over the floor area where the application is taking place to avoid exposure.
7. If the skin starts to dry out hours after extended use, use a natural moisturizer (apply an hour after VSRS application).
8. The leg (affected area) may “smart” a bit when the VSRS is first applied; however, after 10 minutes the analgesic effects will take effect.
10. If the user is allergic to the VSRS and experiences itching and smarting that last longer than 15-20 min. – discontinue use. A cool slightly moist towel may be applied to the area to decrease sensitivity after application.
11. Wash hands after use with mild soap and water.
12. Again – make sure the skin is clean before application.
A. Gently wipe off targeted areas with a damp cloth five minutes before each application. Use a very mild soap or no soap at all to gently cleanse the area.
B. Do not ever wipe out the ulcer/wound itself if one is present (please review DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care Formulation instructions).
C. Let dry 15-20 before getting dressed (socks, pants, etc.).
D. Obviously it’s always better to elevate your legs and feet; and not have them hanging.
E. Losing weight will really help and should be a super critical aspect of your healing process. People should try to obtain the weight they were at age 24 (unless they were obese at 24). If this goal is accomplished, the majority of problems associated with Venous Stasis Ulcers will be gone (90%); with the exceptions of venous stasis insufficiency caused from prior trauma, blood clots or genetic factors.
F. If possible, wear very light compression hose/stockings (15-18mm Hg) during the day or while active.
G. If you do use our DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care Formulation in conjunction with the VSRS; do not use the wound care salve while active – only use when down for the evening or non-ambulatory (please review DermaWound Venous Stasis Wound Care Formulation instructions).
H. The VSRS should be applied twice (BID), morning and night – whether active
or not.

U.S. and International Utility / Method Patents Issued & Pending
DermaWound is a USPTO Registered Trademark

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