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am_flagWelcome To EZ Medical Solutions, LLC dba; Manufacturer and Distributor of DermaWound® Brand Products, Wound Care Supplies and Wellness Products for Healthy Healing.

As we transition from a modest operation founded by Dr. Dixon 24 years ago, to a full-fledged industry leader in the Wound Care & Infectious Disease Bio-Medical Sciences, we would ask our wonderful clientele to PLEASE CALL IN YOUR ORDERS FOR DERMAWOUND ORIGINAL AND VENOUS STASIS FORMULAS during this transition period. All other items may be ordered online. Thank You!


Customer Service
Ines, Customer Service Manager
23005 N. 15th Ave, Suite 104
Phoenix, Arizona 85027 Attn: Customer Service

Wound Care Questions / Consulting
Dr. David Dixon, M.D. – Founder
23005 N. 15th Ave, Suite 104
Phoenix, Arizona 85027 Attn: Physician

U.S. & International Corporate Sales / Marketing
Jennifer Twardosky, B.S. Kinesiology/Sports Medicine
Merrimack, New Hampshire

Sheila Chalfie, B.S. Education/Nursing
Northbrook, Illinois

If you want to send us a testimony, comment or have a general question about shipping & handling, etc., please email me at the address listed above. For specific medical questions/consultation or institutional/distributor order placement, please email us (Attn: Dr. Dixon or Sales/Marketing- in the Subject Line) briefly telling us of your situation (include a name and return phone number to reach you) and we will return your inquiry at our earliest opportunity.
Thank you.

Ines, Customer Service Manager

ABOUT OUR SERVICE strives to provide credible accurate information, with unwavering integrity. Your personal information will never be given or sold (including your email address). When processing an order during checkout, we provide SECURE 256-bit SSL protection for private online transactions; our security certificate is up-to-date and you can be assured that shopping at is a safe, discreet and totally private experience.


All Domestic Shipments are sent USPS 2-3 day Priority Mail
or USPS Express Mail if requested before 11am PST.

Domestic S&H = USPS Domestic Priority Mail – cost is weight dependent on your area code and is automatically calculated. Please allow between 2-3 business days for Domestic USPS Priority Mail Delivery.

Express USPS (United States Postal Service) S&H = approx. $24.95. Available as a special request that can be phoned in. Cut-off time is 11:00am PST. Monday through Friday.

Attention: Express Delivery can not be guaranteed anymore.
From experience we know that we will get the order filled in time and have it picked up on schedule; but what happens after that in the U.S.P.S. system (overall a VERY good system), just can not be guaranteed on our part anymore. The good news is approximately 90% of the time, however, it will be on time.

*International S&H starts around $26.95 (Determined automatically by destination and weight). *International orders that require more postage because of increased weight considerations (e.g. 10 or more tubes of DermaWound – over 4 lbs.) will be charged the additional postage after a final shipping price has been determined. All Domestic & International Shipping and Handling fees will not exceed the actual posted cost of shipping, if it surpasses the base fees listed above.

Most International orders are shipped International Priority Mail (4-7 business days) unless the total package weight exceeds 4 pounds. If the total weight is over 4 lbs., International Priority is not available and the order will have to go Global Express Mail, which is faster (3-5 business days), but more expensive. If neither these options are available, it will go via Air Mail (7-21 days).

ATTENTION: Delivery OUTSIDE the U.S.A. is no longer guaranteed or refundable. We will provide documentation of shipping; however, once an order leaves the U.S. we are not responsible for delivery – no refunds will be issued for lost or stolen packages.

Upon purchasing and shipment of your order, you will receive a confirmation email. Should anything unforeseen arise, you will receive an email detailing the situation.


We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal & PayPal Express using a 256-bit SSL Secure Server. When you enter in your personal information, including your credit card number, you are using a secure connection that encrypts your transaction, making it unreadable to anyone but our credit card authorization company.

Your credit card statement will be billed from: “EZ Medical Solutions, LLC”.

If you want to use a Money Order, Cashier’s or Personal Check instead of a credit card, send it with an itemized list to the business address on the Contact page; please include your return address and day time phone number. Should a products price change, the original price will be honored if order is received within 7 days of the date of the posted price change.


DermaWound Brand Product Line – Guaranteed results you can See, Smell and Feel after the 1st dressing change or your money back – Period!

CHALLENGE: After the targeted area (wound, ulcer, incision, ostomy, etc.) is gently rinsed and patted dry following the first dressing change, wait 5 minutes and take a picture comparing it to what it looked liked prior to using DermaWound. If you don’t think the area of concern looks significantly better; email us the before and after pictures and we will immediately issue you a full refund for the purchase price of one tube.

Any request for a refund must be preceded by a confirmation email
( – Attn: Doctor/Return – in the Subject Line) briefly telling us of the situation and why you want to return it – within 30 days of the original purchase. Please include a name and return phone number to reach you and one of our medical professionals will contact you at our earliest opportunity. You will not be responsible for return shipment of product unless requested by our Director.

If you wish to inform or consult your current health care provider(s) about using DermaWound, please make sure you have the Doctors and Nursing Staff on board of your decision before ordering any products.

Note: We do not accept returns if after a purchase you eagerly take our product to your doctor, nurse or wound care clinic proclaiming you have found the answer to your prayers (which you have), hand them a tube and ask for their opinion. They will most likely give you a glum look with a raised eyebrow and state they don’t want you to use it for the following reason(s):
A.) “Yes, it looks ok; but its not for your wound – your wound is much too serious for this product” (DermaWound has treated some of the most horrific wounds across the globe after natural disasters and in war zones for 24 years);
B.) “Are you crazy?! – you found this on the internet?!?” (You do banking on the Internet – there are very good things to be learned and utilized on the Internet);
C.) “We are the leading wound care clinic in the state; and we now have a new product based on evidence based science we think will finally work on your wound.” (Every medical institution and clinic claims to have the “newest and most scientific” treatments);
D.) “I’ve never heard of DermaWound before.” (DermaWound has been in existence for 24 years and is FDA Registered with National Drug Codes and is on the Government Services Agency Formulary/GSA);
E.) “Two (2) formulas contain Iodine (Original & VS) – Iodine harms healthy tissue!” (Obviously not true since we have been on the market 24 years and have undergone and passed FDA Clinical Trials for allergy and tissue sensitivity with flying colors – Iodine is in mouthwashes, eye drops, douches, toothpastes, etc.);
F.) “I went to Medical school” or “I went to Nursing school” – did you? (Irrelevant if the current therapy is not working… And YES, WE DID go to U.S.A. Medical Schools);
G.) “I am a Certified Wound Care Specialist” – are you? (Virtually anyone in the medical profession can become a Certified Wound Care Specialist, it’s not that hard and doesn’t compare to going to Medical (M.D./D.O.) or Nursing (R.N.) School – again, is the current treatment effective? And YES, WE ARE Certified Wound Care Specialist);
H.) And occasionally – “Yes, we have heard of DermaWound and use it all the time! Our patients do great and heal much faster than normal and without the complications. It also saves a ton of money – it’s an incredible series of products that would (will) eventually make legacy wound care obsolete if I weren’t a vascular surgeon or ICU nurse and had to depend only on wound care for a living.” (Best and most honest answer.)

Please be aware that many Wound Care Nurses, Doctors and Clinics have fragile egos and do not like to have their intellect or authority questioned; and are usually not very keen on giving up the significant income you generate as an annuity from ongoing appointments. Ineffectual treatment modalities often result in seemingly endless healing promises that can and will, last for years. You would be very naive indeed to expect them to greet your decision to “try something else” they don’t control with open arms and a pat on the back – it will most likely be met with angst, rejection & ridicule. Lol.

Clients also need to use common sense when ordering: do not order more than one tube if you have never used our products or are ordering for someone else you have not consulted with. Our guarantee is only if the product does not work, not if you do not need it anymore or someone else doesn’t want it (i.e. you purchased 5 tubes and you were healed after 2) or your 86 year old Mother wants to follow her doctors standard, conventional treatment plans for a pressure sore or leg ulcer until death or limb do they part, and instructs you to send the product back. Sometimes you just have to watch a train wreck happen right before your eyes that you are powerless to stop – we see it all the time.

Please order the right product for the right job (i.e. do not order DermaWound Original Formula if you have a Venous Stasis Type or Post-burn Ulcer – you should only order the Venous Stasis Formula). If you have any questions please email our Wound Care Support Hotline for assistance ( – Subject Line – Attn: Doctor) and we will return your inquiry with our opinion at our earliest opportunity.

The maximum amount refunded will be the purchase price of One (1) tube; therefore we encourage 1st time buyers to only purchase one jar. We will absorb any bank processing fees for the transaction. If management decides to refund your purchase after determining you do not qualify for a full refund as per our above stated policy, a $70.00 restocking fee will be assessed AFTER we receive the returned product for disposal.

By using this website and/or DermaWound Brand Product(s) you agree that: compensation for claims you may have (including consequential and punitive damages) shall be limited to the amount you have paid toward EZ Medical Solutions, LLC / Progressive Doctors, LLC (including owner and employees) and its DermaWound brand products and/or services.

Should you have any further questions regarding our policy,
please email us at: – attn: Dr. Dixon.

Thank You – The Staff at


Please Order DermaWound Original & VS By Phone During Our Transition Period. All other items may be ordered online. Thank You!