Pressure / Bed Sores

Diabetic Leg and Foot Ulcers

Decubitus Ulcers

Surgical Wound Dehiscence

Surgical Wound Sites (ex. Post Mohs Surgery)

Indwelling Catheters & Ostomy Sites

External Fixations

Arteriosclerotic Ulcers

Ischaemic Ulcers

Non-Healing Lacerations

Traumatic Ulcers

Spider Bite Ulcers (Brown Recluse)

Amputee Stumps

Chronic or Re-occurring Wounds

Venous Stasis Type Ulcers

Ankle Ulcers

Scleroderma Ulcers

Sickle Cell Ulcers

Auto-Immune Ulcers

Non-acute Thermal Burns (Burn Ulcers)

Radiation Burn Ulcers

Minor scrapes, abrasions and blisters

Approx. 75% of our customers’ chronic, non-healing wounds healed in less than 17 days.
Over 150,000 users and 24 years of professional experience.

Six Products In One
DermaWound® Simplifies Treatment

DermaWound® brand products completely eliminate the need for infection spreading, costly, time consuming and very
painful standard wound care therapies; especially in cases with extensive areas of tissue damage and necrosis.
We encourage you to take photos and measurements before starting our therapy to track your progress.


Auto-Debrider & Anesthetic

Painless wound and ulcer auto-debrider that works.


Antimicrobial, Antiviral & Antifungal

Effective against MRSA, VRE, Strep, Pseudomonsas, E. coli, gram positive/negative bacteria, as well as spores (both bacterial and fungal), viruses, mycobacteria and protozoa.


Odor Eliminator

Odor is GONE in less than 24 hours!



Energy and nutrients provided directly to the regenerating cells.



Local inflammation and edema reducer – due to pressure gradient that pulls fluid out of swollen tissue.



Rapidly forms a capillary network to increase blood flow aiding the natural healing process.

DermaWound® – Simple and EZ to Use:

Step 1

Apply DermaWound® (Original or Venous Stasis) to The Wound.

DermaWound® is a powerful auto-debrider and allows wounds to heal with minimal scarring, virtually eliminating the need for costly and painful surgical debridement and skin grafts, even in cases with large areas of tissue damage.

Step 2

Cover With Appropriate Dressing and Change 2x Day (ideally).

If once a day is all you can manage, that will suffice and you will still have better results than if you use any other wound care product. Simply follow our time tested Algorithm, do not be creative, and you will obtain the results you desire.

Step 3

Feel The Relief and Watch Your Wound(s) Start to Heal!

DermaWound’s® triple patented formula combines the proven healing power of natural poly-saccharides, anti-infectives and a proprietary mineral and vitamin blend to provide a proven and effective wound care treatment.

DermaWound® was clinically tested and approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2010 after the Haitian Earthquake. DermaWound® was FDA Registered in 2014 (Original Formula NDC# 57554-110-06 and Venous Stasis Formula NDC#57554-120-06). DermaWound® has been FDA Clinically and Allergy Tested and is manufactured in a FDA Registered and Inspected “Green” facility – using 100% Solar Power. It is eco-friendly and biodegradable.
Made in The U.S.A.

What do our customers say?

What do our customers say?


Dermawound® is a life and limb saving product line developed by Dr. David Dixon, MD. Dr. Dixon is regularly called upon by our civilian, public safety and military planners to consult on the most severe and difficult chronic and acute wounds faced today. This U.S. and Internationally patented product has been designed to help heal wounds that otherwise cannot be healed - and will do it in a comparatively short period of time when compared to the competition.

More than 150,000+ clients have solved their wound problems using our products over the last 24+ years. How can YOU harness the power of DermaWound®? Find the indication which describes your wound, pick the product (Original or Venous Stasis Formula), and feel the relief - often within 30 minutes after the first application.We know how painful, frustrating and expensive it can be to have wounds that just won't heal and how hard it can be to deal with them. You are most likely disappointed with your current therapy which is very expensive, and seems to take forever to see any obvious results. However, when you use a proven product like DermaWound® with more than 24+ years of success, you should feel comforted in knowing you made the right choice.75% of our clients chronic non-healing wounds encountered will heal in less than 17 Days.Dr. Dixon received his Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) from the Medical College of Ohio and attended Internships at UCLA and USC. He has been an independent researcher and innovator since 1994 and launched in 2001. Over the past 24 years Dr. Dixon has conducted many ground breaking research investigations utilizing Stem Cells, which have led to the development of cutting-edge wound care products and devices utilizing novel methods of tissue application and regeneration techniques.DermaWound® brand products completely eliminate the need for infection spreading, costly, time consuming and very painful standard wound care therapies; especially in cases with extensive areas of tissue damage and necrosis.Even if you are wealthy and do have the “best insurance and doctors in the world” – it is certainly no guarantee your care will be as effective, painless or efficient as ours. How do we know? Because NO other product, device or person on the planet can or will make this guaranteed claim except us: "See, Smell and Feel Major Results After The 1st Dressing Change or Your Money Back!"CHALLENGE: Take a baseline photo. Apply DermaWound® to the affected area. After the targeted area (wound, ulcer, incision, ostomy, etc.) is gently rinsed and patted dry approximately 10-12 hours after the first dressing change, wait 5 minutes and take another photo (distance = 1-2 feet) comparing it to what it looked like prior to using DermaWound®.You will be amazed!Then simply continue treatment following the time-tested directions and you will get the outcome you desire. If you don’t think the area of concern looks significantly better, email us the before and after pictures and we will immediately issue you a full refund (-S&H) for the purchase price of one tube. 


Dermawound® Original and Venous Stasis Ulcer and Burn Care is a truly remarkable product line developed by David M. Dixon, MD. These products have been created to help heal wounds that otherwise cannot be healed by conventional means and to do it in fairly short order (the exception is a Venous Stasis Ulcer which generally takes more time). More than 150,000+ clients have solved their wound care problems using our products for more than 24 years.

How can YOU harness the power of DERMAWOUND®?

Find the category which describes your case, pick the product and finally feel relief – often in less than 30 minutes.

We know how painful it can be to have wounds and how hard it can be to deal with them. You are probably disappointed with your current therapy that is very expensive and seems to take forever for obvious results. With DermaWound® you will see, feel and smell the results after the 1st dressing change.

We stand behind our products. For over 24 years our clients have used DermaWound® Brand Formulas to solve their critical wound care cases. We back up our claim 100% that DermaWound® is the best,
most efficient and fastest working wound care product in the world.

(Simply follow our time-tested instructions and algorithm; and please do not be creative.)