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Over 95 thousand users and more than eighteen (18) years of professional experience (Nursing Homes, Wound Care Centers, Home Care, Hospices, VA Hospitals, etc.), have clinically shown DermaWound® to be of major and immediate benefit in the management of chronic non-healing wounds (pressure / bed sores, diabetic leg & foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, trauma, burns, surgical wound breakdown, etc.).

Gauze Pads, Tapes, Rolled Gauze, Compression Wraps, Non-Adherent Pads, ABD Pads, Antibiotic Ointments at discount prices. If you use DermaWound, these are all the supplies you will ever need!

Soothing Salve
Skin Conditioners for Bed Sore Rash, Diaper Rash and Skin Irritation. Use anywhere body friction causes chafing or blistering. Soothes and heals quickly.

Safe Nail Therapy
A must for all Diabetics. Hydrates and strengthens the nail bed and cuticle; promoting growth of healthy, strong nails. Helps to fix and prevent hangnails.

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Real Wound Care Specialists
Welcome Dr. Joseph Snow, MD, FACS Medical Director, DermaWound Brand Products
Certified Wound Specialist (CWS®) Board Certified in Surgery and Hyperbaric Medicine

DermaWound® Brand Products
Three Condition Specific Formulas for Chronic & Acute Wound Care
HCPCS: A6261 - One 6 oz Jar = 179 grams / Made in USA / Physician Developed
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DermaWound Original is Concentrated, Smooth and Softer Textured
with Excellent Adherance to Uneven & Hard to Reach Surfaces

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Results You Can See, Smell & Feel After Only One Dressing Change (12 hours)
or Your Money Back - Period!
75% of Non-Healing Wounds Encountered Heal In 17 Days or Less!

Indications: Pressure/Bed Sores; Diabetic Leg & Foot Ulcers; Venous Stasis Ulcers; Surgical Incisions/Wound Dehiscence; Indwelling Catheters & Ostomy Sites; External Fixations; Decubitus Ulcers; Arteriosclerotic Ulcers; Ischaemic Ulcers; Post-Burn Ulcers; Non-Healing Lacerations; Amputee Stumps; Radiation Burns; Spider Bite Ulcers (Brown Recluse); Auto-Immune Ulcers; Sickle Cell Ulcers; Scleroderma Ulcers; Traumatic Ulcers; Chronic or Recurring Wounds, with or without MRSA, VRE, Pseudomonas, Strep., Staph., or Fungi.
When Nothing Else Works™

"This product (DermaWound) saved my wifes leg from amputation and a small fortune
in pain, suffering & $ problems!" - G. Kramme 10-11-05

"My son has had a decubitus ulcer for two years and was on a vac for a year. He still had
4" of undermining. With your product (
DermaWound) we saw improvement in 24 hours.
We can't believe it. Thanks." - E. Texley 5-17-05

Over 95 thousand users and more than 18 years of professional experience
(Nursing Homes, Wound Care Centers, Home Care, Hospices, VA Hospitals, etc.),
have clinically shown DermaWound to be of major and immediate benefit in the management of chronic non-healing wounds (pressure / bed sores, diabetic leg & foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, trauma, burns, surgical wound breakdown, etc.).


Sample Case Studies:Case-A/Bed Sore; Case-B/Surgical Wound Dehiscense;
Case-C/Venous Stasis Leg Ulcer; Case-D/Pressure Sore

Warning! Pictures are graphic. A, B & C are worse case scenarios.
D is the average client.
Photos by Dr. David Dixon, MD - President, Founder

"I'm having fantastic results with use of DermaWound... I'm a physician, and have had
Type 1 Diabetes for 34 years... In my search for something new, came across your site,
and decided: why not? Great decision. In just under a week, the older wound... has almost completely closed... The other... is no longer a tunnelling wound, and is half the diameter it was a week ago.
...I no longer have edema in the foot."
...My results have been startlingly positive, and I certainly intend to spread the word..."
Amy E. Lister, MD 6-22-06

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DermaWound will address all of the following Key Issues for Success:

1. Rapid Pain Relief.
2. Rapid Flushing of Infection from chronic and acute wounds.
3. Rapid formation of granulation tissue and filling of defects.
4. Rapid odor elimination in 12 hours or less. Wound will become rapidly free of pus
and odor, if any is present.
5. Rapid decrease in inflamation and erythema (swelling & redness).
6. Bacterialcidal activity against a broad range of microorganisms, including
(i.e. MRSA, VRE, e. Coli), viruses & fungi.
Results in a rapid elimination / reduction of bacterial, viral and fungal contamination.
7. Rapid auto-debriding (removal) of wound eschar (dry, hard, dead tissue).
8. No drug interactions. Compatible with all medications.
9. Rapidly pulls out Osteomyelitis in exposed bone.
10. Requirement for skin grafting is eliminated, even with large areas of tissue damage. This will be a result of natural skin island formation on the healthy granulation
tissue with subsequent covering by epithelium.
11. The Wounds heal without a scab - from the outside, in - and from the
bottom, up. Edges of wound will "feel" and appear to be "pulling" together.
12. Minimal or no major scarring. Very few Keloids, even in dark skin.
13. Relatively painless therapy due to the water solubility of the product.
This results in non-adhereance of the dressings to the wound with subsequent decreased requirements for analgesia.
14. Purest Natural and highest grade USP Ingredients.
15. There is NO need for enzymatic wound debriders, wound cleansers,
hydrogen peroxide, etc.,
and they should not be used.
Clean Water and/or Normal Saline are only recommended during dressing changes,
which has the added benefit of saving more money.
16. Decreased overall morbidity and mortality.
17. Reduced Hospital / Insurance / Home cost for wound, burn and ulcer care secondary
to reduced healing times and consolidation of many products into one - this is a time saving and very cost efficient product!

#1 Most Frequently Asked Hotline Question:
"I thought I had the best care, wound care clinic or hospital in the country;
but it's been so long and painful. Do they really know what they are doing"?
Answer: This is a fact - Christopher Reeve (Superman) had the best care money could
buy; yet he died of complications related to a long standing bed sore / chronic wound.
Google - "Christopher Reeve Bed Sore" and see for yourself.

It is highly unusual for any chronic non-healing wound (except a large Venous Stasis Ulcer of long standing duration) to need more than $250.00 worth of DermaWound. The average cost to treat any wound using our product is $86.75. Comparing all other modes of therapy, the national average cost to treat a non-healing wound in the U.S.A. is currently $5,350.00
and rising.

Actual Client Testimonials On File - Click Here!

Guaranteed Results You Can See, Smell & Feel After Only 1 (ONE) Dressing Change
or Your Money Back.

DermaWound has no equal and is capable of killing (not just inhibiting) all classes of pathogens responsible for nosocomial (hospital acquired) infections: gram-positive and
gram-negative bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains (Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus (VRE),
Pseudomonas aeruginosa; e. Coli; as well as spores (both bacterial and fungal);
viruses; mycobacteria and protozoa!

Today, gram-negative strains comprise over one-third of bacteria isolated from hospital
acquired (nosocomial) infections and many antibiotics and antiseptics are ineffective against these resistant organisms. It is an epidemic that shows no sign of slowing. These common and nasty pathogens are often present in chronic wounds such as pressure sores, diabetic ulcers and venous stasis ulcers (The Mother of All Wounds), which prevent healing until they are irradicated.

Easily integrated into standard dressing care plans, DermaWound is specially formulated for ease of application in hospitals, nursing homes, physical therapy departments, hospices as well as home health care programs. Depending on number and size of wound(s), each one pound = 16oz. = 448 gram jar will last approximately 4-16 days.

"This product is the best (DermaWound VS). My leg ulcer of 3 years is finally
starting to heal. Highly recommend it." - L. Overdier 9-2-06

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for this miracle!! My brother who has ALS, was going crazy with pain from bed sores for months, after 5 days of DermaWound they are almost healed up
and no more pain. Thank you again... It really is a miracle."
Joan M. 2-15-06

DermaWound Original Formula
Pressure / Bed Sores; Diabetic Leg & Foot Ulcers; Decubitus Ulcers; Surgical Wound Dehiscence (breakdown); Indwelling Catheters & Ostomy Sites; External Fixations; Arteriosclerotic Ulcers; Ischaemic Ulcers; Post-Burn Ulcers; Non-Healing Lacerations; Traumatic Ulcers; Spider Bite Ulcers (Brown Recluse); Amputee Stumps;
and Chronic or Re-occuring Wounds.

DermaWound Venous Stasis (VS) Formula
Specifically for Venous Stasis, Sickle Cell, Scleroderma and Auto-Immune Ulcers only!

No one in the world really wants to take on any of these ulcers, but we will. We have found over the years there are similarities in their presentation, symptoms and general outcomes - based on a few facts that appear to be constant.

Venous Stasis Ulcers, of long standing duration (greater than one year) with a history will take considerably longer to recover than any other chronic non-healing wounds. This is unfortunately the nature of the hardest wound in the world to heal.

In General: the older the Venous Stasis Ulcer; the more complicated the history of the legs or ankles; and the heavier the client - the longer it will take. The more recent Venous Stasis Ulcer in a non-obese individual with non-complicated history will behave more like the average chronic wound.

If you have a Venous Stasis ulcer that is larger than the size of an adult hand and you have had it a number of years (or more than one), expect it to get a bit larger, yet shallower, in the beginning. Expect it to drain (length of time averages between 2-6 weeks), while the body attempts to flush out the deeply imbedded infection. Once it stops draining, it will be relatively flat, and will then start to slowly close. How long it takes to heal is directly related to the age and size of the wound as well as the clients weight. If you have an ulcer that wraps around your leg or ankle, please call the Wound Care Support Hotline.

Made of the same quality natural products as DermaWound, but not as powerful due to
the sensitivtiy of these ulcers, plus an additional very effective and safe topical anesthetic. DermaWound VS is suggested for Venous Stasis, Sickle Cell, Scleroderma and
Auto-Immune ulcers that are painful even to the air! If you or someone you know has
had a good nights sleep in years suffering from one of these four conditions,
this is the solution you/they have been praying for!

If you are a Vascular Surgeon, DermaWound VS will clean, debride and help heal an ulcer so surgery, angioplasty or ablation may be performed to improve blood flow if deemed necessary.

DermaWound Hypo Allergenic Formula
Only for persons with a known sensitivity or allergy to Iodine and/or Benzocaine who otherwise would use the DermaWound Original or DermaWound Venous Stasis

So... Allergic to Iodine, but need DermaWound Original Formula ?
Use DermaWound Hypo Allergenic Formula.

Allergic to Benzocaine, but need DermaWound Venous Stasis Formula
Use DermaWound Hypo Allergenic Formula.

Domestic & International Patented and/or Patent Pending Proprietary Formulations:

Original Formula: Poly-Saccharide Blend; Povidone-Iodine USP; Poly-Mineral Blend;
Citric Acid; Dibasic Sodium Phosphate; Nonoxynol-9; Glycerin; Carrageenan; Silica;
1-Octadecanol; 1-Hexadecanol & Purified Water.

Venous Stasis Formula: See above; + Benzocaine USP.

Hypo Allergenic Formula: See above; Minus Povidone-Iodine, Nonoxynol-9 & Benzocaine.

NOTE:If you find you are sensitive or becoming sensitive over time while using DermaWound Original (1-3%) or DermaWound VS (3-5%) (*please always use these first unless you have a known allergy), you may have an increase in redness or stinging sensation that lasts more than 30-45 minutes after application. If this happens, simply rinse off the product, call us and we will send you a replacement jar of our DermaWound Original Hypo Allergenic Formula (general replacement for DermaWound Original & general replacement for DermaWound VS) formula at no additional cost - FREE! (You pay only for shipping).
It may "smart" a bit at first, but one should not be in pain or discomfort after 30-45 minutes while using any of our products.

Attn: Persons with serious cardiac arrhythmias for which medication has been prescribed and
with large wounds/ulcers should not use DermaWound VS as they may be sensitive to the Benzocaine present in these formulas. These individuals may instead use DermaWound Original (with no Iodine Allergy) or DermaWound Hypo Allergenic Formula (with Iodine Allergy). If you have any concerns, please check with your physician or health care professional.

*Please follow the suggested algorhythm we have used successfully for over 18 years
and call the Toll Free Wound Care Support Hotline if you have questions.

Suggested Application of Products:

ALL you will need is:
a. DermaWound, DermaWound VS or
DermaWound Hypo Allergenic Formula;
b. Cotton Gauze Pads/Sponges,
(i.e. 4x4's, 2x2's, etc. wound-size dependent);
c. 1" Paper Tape (hypoallergenic and less irritating) or Medipore Tape;
d. Possibly a Kerlix-type bandage (gauze webbing that resembles an "Ace" bandage) depending on the type of wound (leg or ankle involvement);
e. A clean water source for bathing / cleaning / rinsing the wound site.

Obviously the gauze needs to be new and packaged, but does not need to come in sterile, individual packing. New talc-free disposable gloves should be worn with each dressing change, but they also do not need to come in sterile packaging (like in an operating room) - which also reduces overall cost.

Please follow these time tested suggestions:
Prior to application of DermaWound, evaluate the wound or ulcer. Insure that no active pulsing of blood from an artery or vein is present. As the DermaWound quickly works, new capillaries will form and break as new vasculature is established, so spotting is normal and is to be expected with each dressing change.
2. Gently rinse with clean water or normal saline. Use a shower head, squirt bottle or syringe.
*Do NOT actively clean out the wound bed - never, ever, ever*. Very Important!!!
The wound itself does not need to be thoroughly cleaned and residue free.
This can not be overemphasized. Whatever does not come off with normal irrigation (water or saline in a squirt bottle; shower or bath) or on the gauze pads during a dressing change,
will come off at a later date when it's ready. The whitish, yellowish slough is basically a soft scab that is very important as it protects the primordial epithelium in the granulation tissue and should not be wiped off or removed.
3. Gently dry around the wound or ulcer. Let entire area air dry for 3-5 minutes, no more.
It is important to let the area that holds the tape get a chance to breathe and dry out, to help prevent maceration (moist skin breakdown) of the surrounding healthy tissue.
4. Spread DermaWound on a 4x4 or 2x2 Cotton Gauze Pad, or apply directly to the affected area, to a height of approximately 1/4 inch - like a thin layer of peanut butter - covering the entire wound area, overlaping the border edges 1/8 inch.
5. Apply the DermaWound side of the gauze to the wound.
Deeper and tunneling wounds (ex. pressure/bed sores) should be packed to the surface with DermaWound.
6. Apply 3-4 discontinuous layers of additional 4x4 or 2x2 gauze over the wound or ulcer for additional padding and to soak up the exudates that will be quickly pulled out (if wound is draining and swollen).
Use less gauze if it is not draining.
If necessary apply an ABD pad over the pile of gauze to ensure a tight, even seal when edges are secured. The bandage should be occlusive.
On the sacrum, hip, or relatively flat areas, make sure the edges of the gauze are secured (with paper tape or Medipore tape) to help prevent leakage.
If the wound or ulcer is on a leg or foot, use a Kerlix gauze or J&J No.1 rolled gauze as an "Ace" bandage to hold it in place.
A comfortable Pressure Stocking may be used in conjunction with any bandage or by itself.
Any adhesive tape is OK, as long as the person does not have a sensitivity to it.
7. Dressing changes, on average, should be done twice a day (every 12 hours).
8. If the wound or ulcer is Very Infected, Purulent and Draining, it should be changed three times a day (every 8 hours) initially.
*Only Brown Recluse bites should be changed 4x day (every 6 hours first 3 days, then
every 8 hours thereafter).
9. If infected and draining, major amounts of pus, exudates or discharge on the gauze is good and normal in the beginning (first few days).
10. Again... do not actively clean out the wound bed - there is primordial epithelium forming and it should not be disturbed or wiped out.
11. When changing the dressing every 8-12 hours, re-dress the wound or ulcer following the instructions in #'s 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 above.
12. Continue to use DermaWound to cover the affected area as it closes, until you literally need just a small amount to cover the small remaining wound area.
Continue to use until the defect has resolved completely.

That's it! Please follow the suggested instructions and do not be creative!

Toll Free Wound Care Support Hotline
9am-4pm, Mon.-Fri. PST 1.866.727.0462

Side Effects / Precautions:
1. 33% - transient smarting or stinging sensation, fades after 15 minutes.
2. Every product on Earth has the potential for an allergic reaction except water:
1-3% Local Allergy - Persons who are allergic or sensitive to Iodine or shellfish should avoid DermaWound and DermaWound VS.
3. 1-3% Local Allergy - Persons allergic or sensitive to "-caine" based products (novocaine, benzocaine, etc.), should avoid DermaWound VS. If you are allergic to this class of ingredients, please call the Wound Care Support Hotline for additional suggestions. We have an Hypo Allergenic Formula formula for these rare instances.
4. If a local allergic/sensitivity reaction does occur, it simply requires removal of product, followed with clean water irrigation. Local symptoms (a burning sensation) will subside within 1/2 to one hour. Do not hesitate to call if you think you are sensitive - just because the product keeps working and you are happy to find something that really works well
for the 1st time - if you think you are becoming sensitive, call us.

5. No active/pulsatile bleeding (i.e. after a sharp debridement - which is usually not necessary due to the debriding properties of this product) should be present for 24 hours before the use of DermaWound. One of the many ways DermaWound works is by naturally increasing circulation to the damaged area, which promotes new vessel formation. With that in mind, spotting is normal and expected during dressing changes.
6. If the wound or ulcer is on the bottom or side of the leg, foot, ankle, toe or is weight bearing during the day because of job or household activity, DermaWound brand products should ideally be applied only at night when "down" for the evening and rinsed off in the morning to avoid agitation. In regards to the legs or feet, if it feels comfortable, use at your descretion over a 24 hour period. However, we suggest it be removed while active or working. Healing will ensue, but at about 75% normal rate if one remains active or weight bearing.

With Venous Statis Ulcers and Diabetic Feet - during the day (working), or while active (exercising, cleaning the house), the site should be covered with a Bacitracin, Polysporin or Triple Antibiotic type of product (avoid Neosporin) and gauze to maintain a moist environment until the DermaWound can be reapplied.

As everyone knows in this situation and has been told by every doctor and nurse in the world, ideally one should be non-weight bearing (crutches or scooter) if they have wounds on their feet. But many people still have to work or are alone, so you have to do what you have to do and we realize that. If any questions arise, we recommend calling our Wound Care Support Hotline for tips.

Note: Individual results may vary. All precautions for the care of injured tissue must be observed. Antibiotics must be used where gas gangrene may be a potential problem as in a penetrating wound and Tetanus prophylaxis is recommended.

HCPCS: A6261

When Nothing Else Works™
DermaWound® Brand Products
Four Condition Specific Formulas for Chronic & Acute Wound Care

Guaranteed Results You Can See, Smell & Feel In Less Than 12 Hours!
U.S.A. MD/Physician Developed & Manufactured

Toll Free Wound Care Support Hotline
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